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A Soldier’s Call
Many generations have answered the call,
to fight for causes they didn’t have to believe at all.
They gathered their arms to train and march for days.
What was their motivation? For sure it’s not the pay.
Confronting mortality, to kill or be killed.
They found their strength and common bonds they did build.
The face of death they surely did see.
Even saw friends die in agony.
Many would die on a cold battlefield.
Others returned and their wounds did heal.
What was the price they paid when they bled?
To know their loved ones were safe in their bed.
The fight is for god, honor, morality or family,
Some say it is to preserve the country.
No matter the cause they do it for you.
Deep down in your heart see it is true.
Many returned from battle to fight neglect,
instead of receiving deserved respect.
For thousands of years many have fought,
If they had to or if they did not.
So to those the have answered the call.
Honor them one and all.
-March 19, 2000

My candle in the night

In the gloomy darkness of my life
a ray of light began to penetrate the air.
A warm breeze blew
parting the clouds of despair.
An unexpected reprieve from the cold
as crisp autumn leaves cover the ground.
So she came into my life
a beautiful surprise, a new friend found.

From far away I feel her.
I am the moth and she is my flame.
I seek her out, her heat is my desire.
My course is steadfast and true.
because I feel that inside we are the same.
Will I be consumed by her fire?

I only hope she will take me to her special place
where candles illuminate her soft skin.
As I stare deeply into her eyes
and I smell her hair and caress her thighs.
Her fingernails stroke my back as she pulls me in,
How sweet she must taste.

Her every wish will be my delight
Whisper the words into my ear
She closes her eyes when I touch her flesh
while the waxen tapers echo her radiant light.
Her perfume penetrates the night air
softly leaning into her, our lips press.

"I hope to be your man,
I want you to know me
accept me for who I am,
and what I hope to be."

Now I wait for her in my dreams.
in a lucid place that seems so real
with an intense feel
and pray the light does not go out.
-November 5, 2000

Dance with Me

I am Woman!
I am Life!
My hips sway left and right.
Does watching my lips and my eyes
give you pleasure tonight?
My soft skin reflects the colored light.
As the shadows accentuate my curves just right.
Just the two of us, I dance for you.
A kiss on the cheek and we are though.
I am woman!
-April 22, 2002

Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?
It's something I can't quite put my finger on.
When I look at her I see something familiar.
I try to stare into her eyes
and remember where I have seen her before.
But I get lost in her smile.
I think, "she reminds me of a childhood friend,an old playmate.
Perhaps, It is something I saw in a dream or a previous life."

I just sit back and watch her expressions.
It calms and soothes me
to see her dimples and that twinkle in her eye.
I wonder, "Is she my angel?"
-November 30, 2002


My heart is like a box of candy,
small bits of chocolate I want to share.
A gift to those who need a smile,
to let them know someone cares.
I have pieces for friends and strangers,
I even have one for you.
I leave a bit of candy,
in all the things I do.
All who know me think it is sweet
but they have to remind me,
there is not enough for everyone to eat.
I tell them it makes me happy,
to give these pieces for free.
Then I realize there is not a piece left for me.
-December 22, 2002


How do you measure a man?
Can you tell a man by the beer he drinks
or the way he folds his clothes?
Is it the way his fishing lure sinks
or how many sports facts he knows?
Perhaps it is the size of his chest
or the depth of his mind.
Could it be the way he looks at a woman's breast
or knowing how to bump and grind?

Is it words on paper
or lyrics in a song?
Is it stopping to ask for directions
or admitting when he is wrong?

Not by expensive toys, fancy cars
or the thickness of his wallet.
Not just a lover or a fighter
but a "Warrior Poet" says William Wallace.

Does he make you laugh,
more than he makes you cry?
Is he scared of being hurt by love,
but not afraid to try.
-December 25, 2002

Day Dreamer (part one)
Yang:The Eyes of Empathy

Enigmatically speaking
a treasure awaits.
Conceived in mystery
hiding in plain view.
A spiritual vessel
with a humble presence.
Powered by altruism
and a strong moral compass.
Bearing the province
of generosity and thoughtfulness.
Dynamically fluid
astute and grounded.

Wanting to be discovered
the bounty abides
inside its repository.
Waiting to be uncovered
Unyielding passion resides
beneath the melancholy.

There is amour to offer
But who has the key.
To open this coffer?
Only the eyes of beauty.
-February 21,2003

Day Dreamer (part two)
Yin:The Eyes of Beauty

There are so many beautiful stars in the sky
smiling down at me.
I drift along a river of emotion,
praying to find the sea of tranquility.

My sails are filled with hope
when a gentle breeze caresses my face.
It is like a warm soft hand
reminding me of a lasting embrace.

Tempted by Sirens
and tossed by waves of insecurity.
Searching for affection
and true affinity.

I dare not stray near Charybdis.
I must continue forward.
My heart is my rudder.
The eyes of empathy gaze upward
to find her,
my Polaris.

-February 21,2003

A Warrior Tradition

A Life of Sacrifice
Remembering your heritage
Making the hard decisions
Observing what others take for granted
Reflecting on the path of life
Always being true to your heart
Missing your loved ones while away
Only fighting when necessary
Undying devotion to your cause or brethren
Respectful, loyal, compassionate and kind
-February 19,2004


Harsh words echo as if projectiles fired from the barrel of a gun.
Once spoken, not easily can the damage be undone.
Who crossed the line? There is no turning back.
The tide of love is receding. Can the lost ground be rewon?

Thoughts unspoken, body language overanalyzed.
How can it work? Can we find a compromise?
Listen to my heart, it must be true.
But then shouldn’t I consider you.

Eyes are swollen, chest is pounding,
What are we going to do?
I want to run, I want to stay,
I know this hurts, I still have feelings for you.

Wills collide, emotions overflow:
“Let go. . .”
“Take a blow . . .”
“Just say no . . .”
“I told you before now you should know. . .”
“Now let me go. . .”

Something I did or didn’t do.
Something I said or didn’t say.
I am really trying to get through to you.
Tell me why does it have to be this way?

No one to blame,
For the breach.
A schism to mend
Tell me is the solution within reach?

Will the foul mood dispel?
Will our relation swell?
Or will the end knell?
Only time will tell.

-June 23,2004

Nerd's Free Energy Equation

In natural state creation resides in cold chaos,
Only divine presence holds sway over universal entropy.
Two Million years of occupation has elapsed
Yet humans still lack a universal decree.

From primordial pizza to Neanderthal
The force of the great spirit has been the sub atomic glue
permeating all things great and small.
The supernal chi envelops Homo Sapiens too.

Yet wars are fought over faith and innocents slain.
While the plants and animals still remain.
Darwin contends survival follows natural law,
and humans still struggle with a spiritual flaw.

I do not fear the great deity
I accept my life and its finality.
I am afraid of the sheep that vacillate in and out of the pews.
Imposing on others their ecclesiastical views.

Piety is the garment of humanity
In attempt to conceal the nakedness of morality.
It is a blessing or curse,
not to have the benefit of chapter and verse?

Qu’ran, Tanakh, Holy Scriptures, Tao Te Ching
What sort of message do these books bring?
I prefer to go in my lodge and sing
And realize in the end we will all have the same thing.

-July 12,2004

Odyssey of the mind

Awakening from a chrysalis
Broken boundaries left behind.
Emerges subtle contemplations
Within an assiduous mind.

Religion inherently nested
In scientific conjecture.
Two opposites
Simultaneously endure.
I know the pieces fit
Between destiny and free will.

Will every thing be fine
Casting off the shell of pain?
Will I see a tragedy coming?
Where does one’s heart begin again?
I know the pieces fit
Between lovers and solitude.

From a tender kiss ensues
Passion not easily subdued.
Lovers wills in motion
Each others energy consumed
I know the pieces fit
Between lust and sensuality.

Meditation moving chi.
Making grass dance effortlessly.
A spiritual singularity,
Yet a soldier I was meant to be.
I know the pieces fit
Between philanthropy and cavalry.

I am the dragon
She is the Tiger.
Coexisting in duality
An open Dialogue must remain.
I know the pieces fit
Between Yin and Yang.

-October 25,2004

Where has the Godess Gone?

Home is a temple
Wherein dwells a supernatural being.
Both mystical and amazing.

Fallen from grace into the workforce,
balancing careers and busy lives
with being attentive girlfriends, mothers and wives.

I want to adore her
I want to adorn her
I want to restore her
The chalice of life.

In some cultures women are physically subdued,
While others cultures women flaunt sexuality for men to be amused.
Women serve in government and military receiving mixed views.
Women even comment on sports in the news.

With the burning of bras women sought liberation
Now some aggressively speaking their mind without hesitation.
The value of Gender roles, that is my contemplation.
Neither sex being better or superior is my revelation.
Balancing the equation is my admonition,
for men and women to have successful relation.

Still with Such busy lives we do not allow time to appreciate the corporeal form of humanity.
From the passing of first blood to the last breath, respect and honor her for enduring maternity.
-April 23,2005 from Iraq

The Lonely path

I found myself in the desert.
Alone, I stand bisected between a blue sky and tan sand.
With feet planted firmly my gaze upward and alert.
Once again contemplating the measure of a man.

Far away from home dust sweeps across my face.
fettered in modern armor and sweat lingers on my brow.
Surveying a barren horizon, salt on my lips I taste.
Looking outward, but meditating inward, “Who am I now?”

Fighting a war of the flesh, mind, heart and spirit,
On a quest to become whole and holy.
Looking for balance and reason I discover
In the eyes of the children are lessons of mortality and humanity.

Watching war from the inside on the news,
learning first hand about other people’s views,
and observing how politics can abuse.
These lessons to my own character, I have fused.

Unyielding devotion to my comrades in arms
To see them through the course.
With my best effort I have done my part.
And hope to leave this place better than worse.

Alone in the desert, I stand
While loved ones back home send me comfort
I am but one small humble grain of sand
Still, I found myself in the desert.
-April 23,2005 from Iraq

It is all a dream

Waking up everyday going through the motions and the normal routine,
Waiting for the weekend or a day off to come, only realizing I am wishing my life away.
I catch myself staring at nothing,
My mind gone astray.

Live in the now and enjoy every moment and opportunity.
If you find yourself alone in the desert, make time to pray.
Through music, reading or interacting; find tranquility,
Be thankful for what you have, have learned and getting through the day.

For tomorrow, the now will be a memory.
Another fold in your brain.
As the sun sets bringing sleep, are dreams really an allegory?
A sub-conscious mind interpreting psychological stains.

Does the slumbering mind process moments that have past
or interlace events with wishful thoughts and hopes?
Mystics believe sleep gives us future glimpses of "the real"
and in our dreams our future is revealed.

Wake then, and make "the real" the now.
Live in the moment and make the moment, if you know how.

-October 22 23,2005 from Iraq

Luna Orbit

She holds such sway over me.
Heavenly body,
moving encircling each other.
How do I contain my contentment
and elation during our perigee?

Appearing in and out of my sky,
her light brings me warmth and comfort.
Let the light shine with enduring constants.
Yet, how do I fill the void during the apogee of her absence?

-January 27, 2006

Balanced Equation

"Love is a word,"
"What matters is the connections the word implies."
Love itself is immaterial,
Yet it is the force that unifies.

Love defies intellect and reason
Bending wills as if manipulating the very molecules and chemicals
that cause us to be.
Love causes action and reaction.
It binds polar compounds defies and entropy.

Love is affinity creating life,
An autocatalytic reaction.
A natural mystery,
With divine purity and relation.

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

6H2O + 6CO2 == C6H12O6 + 6O2

With its animistic properties,
Quantifying and balancing relationships.
Speaking biologically, mathematically and spiritually
Mixed in the right proportions,
Love is a beautiful chemist.

-February 14, 2006

Even the Sky Cries

It is said that angels bring the rains.
Messengers delivering nourishment to fertile plains.
Drawn together; gravity and water, each other find.
Sustaining all living things, these paired molecules bind.

I now stand in the bittersweet deluge, as the drops of water caress my face.
Skyward I look waiting for my angel’s embrace.
A humble veteran of love and war,
Fighting for balance between heaven and earth once more.

“An” depicts a woman under a man’s roof symbolic of tranquility.
Beside my lodge I stand in sad soggy soliloquy.
Fall water with your organic affinity!
And bring my sweet angel swiftly to me.

-May 14, 2006

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