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Scott's links

Scott's animal friends

groucho and cheeko
Groucho and Cheeko, my cats

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Native Links

Feather Courtesy of Deer With Horns
Wendell and Nancy Deer With Horns Homepage: My friend and mentor Wendell's Homepage
Snow Feather's Homepage: My friend Snow Feather's Homepage
The Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States: Info and Flags of Native Americans
Waaban Aki Crafting: Native Craft Site
War Party Film and Video Productions: A Eastern Cherokee friend's website
Wandering Bull, Inc: A native craft store located in Mass.

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St. Andrews Flag Scottish Lion Flag

Scotish Links

Glossary of Heraldic Terms: definitions of Heraldry and Coats of Arms
Heraldry and Coats of Arms: More Heraldry
The Clans and Tartans of Scotland: Scotish History and Geneology site
Electronic Scotland: message boards, info and history of Scotland

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Army Flag Army Seal

Military Links

Super Trooper Homepage: Army Uniforms and Equipment
We Were Soldiers Once . . and Young: An account of the first major battle of Vietnam featuring Air Cavalry
U.S. Army Homepage: Info on what the Army is doing
Army History: Origins of titles and changes in uniform
Build your awards rack: Customize your personal Army Awards for service and dress uniforms
U.S. Millitary Academy's branch selection page: Info on the different branches of the Army
Army Recruiting Page: Info on joining the Army
Army Reserve Website: Info on the Army Reserves
Army National Guard Website: Info on the National Guard
CT Army Reserve National Guard Home: Info on CT National Guard Units
Army Health Care Team: Info on Army Medical Branches

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Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul Fight
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I
[© Lucas Films]

Other Interesting Links

Star Wars HomepageMay the force be with you May 19
Tiger Direct Entry Page: Computer hardware and software retailor
Crutchfield Car and Home Audio: Audio equipment retailor
America Online: one of the ISP big boys (is the price worth the trouble?)
Sierra Online: Computer Games
History Channel: Educational Cable station (buy videos from programs)
Fall Creek SuttleryCivil War-era uniforms, clothes, etc.
Cloumbia HouseMusic, Movies CD-ROM Online

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Horse Links

Stateline Tack
Classical Dressage
Friesian Horse Association of North America
Percheron Horse Association of America
American Shire Horse Association
Quarter Horse Directory
Equine Directory
The Horsetrader
Horse Rescue
Paso Finos
Horse Direct
Dream Horse Classified
Equiview Marketing
Horses for Sale
Proffitt's Horse Ads

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Maiiah, Rana, Sheherazat

Bellydancing Links

Sheherazat's Homepage Connecticut Belly Dancer
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Scott's Awards

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