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My Profile

I was born and raised in the Roslindale section of Boston Mass where I spent most of my time with my grandfather and my uncles who took me camping frequently. My mother, brother, step-father and I moved to Groton, CT where I attended Middle school and graduated from Fitch High School. I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 2000. I also recieved a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army as an Armor officer.

My interests include: swimming, horses,costume design, web design,poetry, Shotokan-Kenpo Karate,Tai-Chi, Native American singing and dancing,camping, alternative medicine and learning more about my Scottish and Native American ancestry.

I am work full time as Quality Inspector for the American Red Cross Blood Services and I hope to a Master's degree in Public health. I have been deployed to Iraq where I have been assigned to an Armor company responsible for convoy security, combat patrols, presence patrols, civil affairs escort, raids, and liason with Iraqi Security forces.

Graduation Oath of Office

tank 1 tank 2
tank3 Blues

Blue Grass Dance Regalia                 At Work                 Red Grass Dance Regalia

At the Airport On Patrol

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