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AC 2000

First Regiment 1-37 Field Artillery
June 8, 2000-July 12, 2000
Crossed Cannons
"On the Minute!"     "Without Delay!"

Advanced camp is a thirty five day training excercise located outside of Seattle, Washington that is designed to develop leadership. It is part of a two year program where over 3800 cadets from 270 schools across the United States have the chance to earn a commission as Second Lieutennants in the United States Army. Three weeks are spent living in the barracks where cadets rotate through leadership positions every twenty-four hours and must plan and execute the days events. Cadets are in charge of teams of five to a company of three hundred.

The last two weeks are spent in the field where cadets operate in squads of ten and platoons of forty performing combat simulations. Each Cadet carries a sixty pound backpack, rifle, blank ammunition and laser tag gear. The days are long manuevering in the woods and the nights are cold and sleepless. Although the training is intense confidence and strength are the rewards.

Each cadet is evaluated on leadership potential and must complete the daily events which include; Land Navigation, Physical Fitness, Confidence course, Rapelling, Leader's Reaction Course, Water Survival, Rifle Training, Machine gun and Hand Grenade assault courses, Fire Support Training (that is firing the cannons) Nuclear and Biological Warfare training, and Individual Maneuver Techniques.

I had the opertunity to be part of Alpha Battery Second Platoon, "The Gladiators" and who can forget the mighty fouth squad "The Gun Show Squad". These are some of the pictures that capture a fragment of what Advanced Camp is all about.
Land Nav Site
Land Nav Site
Land Nav Site
Land Nav Site 2

Platoon Bay
Three weeks in the Platoon Bay with a wall locker, a foot locker and a bed
Poncho Hooch
Two weeks in the field sleeping under the stars with a blanket, poncho and the mosquitos. Modeled by Cadet Mike Rodick

Air Assault Training
No we are not standing around. That is the support by fire squad and the knock out a bunker team rehearsing before the final air assault mission
Combat load
Here I am fully camoflaugedin the barracks with my rucksack, M-16 and Laser tag gear

Air Assault load
The platoon ran on to Chinook helicopters to be dropped off closer to the enemy.
Three helicopters came to pick us up. One watched the air while the other two landed for us to load.

Going for a ride
Here I am in flight. What a ride!
The Gang
A Coupple of my frineds; CDT. Coberly, CDT. Glacel, CDT. Toohey, CDT. Olsson, CDT. Cline, CDT. Rodick, CDT. Pickens, CDT. Clements, and myself
Cadets Coberly, Bogda, Clements, Yasuda, Rodick, Secilla, Glacel, Toney, Medrano and 2LT. Langlands

Oath of Office
CDT. Langlands recieving the Oath of office after completing Advanced camp
First Salute
2LT. Langlands recieving the first salute as an offier from MSG Boutin. Our very own Gladiators in the rear carrying the National and Army colors, CDT. Rodick and CDT. Pickens

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